Presenting the new and updated VoxLog voice monitoring system

With updated software and hardware, designed based on customer feedback and collaboration with professionals in the area, the VoxLog system for long-term voice monitoring and analysis is better, and easier to use, than ever.

Collect reliable voice data, improve your insights about your patients voice use, help in improving voice behavior, with VoxLog!

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Collect information about the voice behavior of your patient. VoxLog allows you to collect data over long periods of time, giving you a full and detailed view of the voice use of the patient and allowing you to make informed decisions.


Promote change in voice behavior by giving feedback to the patient based on voice use data, or letting VoxLog do it for you. VoxLog has the capability to give real-time vibration feedback to the voice use of your patients.


Did your efforts result in a lasting change? Using VoxLog to compare the voice behavior of a patient before and after therapy or surgery, makes the positive effects of your treatment clear to both you and your patient.

Get started using VoxLog

Go through the purpose and method of using VoxLog with your patient, giving them the basic instructions recommended in the manual.

The patient can bring VoxLog with them and use it independently for whole days, easily taking it on and off, and charging the batteries overnight.

During this time, VoxLog consistently collects important information about the voice use of the patient, including time dose measures, sound level of the voice, and pitch.

The patient returns the VoxLog device, and the collected data is easily and quickly transferred to the computer using the VoxLog Discovery software, where the recordings are categorised, annotated and prepared for analysis.

VoxLog Discovery has several tools for analysis that visualise and quantify voice use, giving both you and your patient a clearer intuition about his or her voice use, helping you in identifying problems and determining the effectiveness of your treatment.

"Voxlog is an excellent device that allows me to know the vocal behavior of my patients and how they use their voices when they are not in my office, so I can adjust and adapt speech therapy to their real needs." Dr. Eduardo Ríos, Licensed Speech Therapist and Audiologist
"VoxLog is easy to use and gives valuable feedback on natural voice use. The information about voice use and acoustic environment is potentially important for detecting situations with excessive voice load or harmful voice behavior." Anita McAllister, PhD, Associate Professor in SLP
“Using VoxLog, it is now possible to get information about how a patient uses his or her voice outside of the lab, giving both me and my patients new insights. It's a very important tool." Suvi Karjalainen, Certified SLP

VoxLog Discovery

VoxLog Discovery is our brand new analysis software which lets you collect, categorise and analyse the data recorded by the VoxLog system. VoxLog Discovery is designed in close collaboration with both researchers and professionals in SLP.

Features include full capabilities of tagging and organising data, comparing results before and after treatment, visualising data in informative graphs, including a phonetogram, exporting data to other formats and PDF. VoxLog Discovery can automatically update to the latest version when connected to the Internet, giving you instant access to the latest features.

Product description for VoxLog Discovery

Robust and sensitive hardware

Our new measurement collar is built to be comfortable and adaptable, while providing the same robustness and sensitivity as the rest of the VoxLog hardware. Our devices are assembled, calibrated and tested in Sweden, using the most exact sensors available for this type of application.

New for this version are two changes that make it easier for you to correctly place and wear the collar. The first change is that the microphone and the accelerometer are placed in the same end, facilitating consistent placement. The second change is that the collar is adjustable both in length and in the curvature of the backpiece, ensuring a snug fit for both women and men of all sizes.

Product description for the collar

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For researchers ...

The VoxLog package comes with software that can be used to collect and organize large amounts of data, and make sense of these statistically in order to draw relevant conclusions.

  • Keep track of different data sets such as groups of persons, or times of the day, comparing them to each other
  • Understand the distribution of your data with histograms, mode, mean and variance measures
  • Export your data to the format of your choice, for further analysis

... and professionals

Designed for professionals in voice therapy, the VoxLog package includes all the tools necessary for successful diagnose, treatment and follow-up of patients with voice disorders.

  • Track your patients voice use over time, comparing different activites such as work and rest
  • Compare the numbers before and after, giving insights to you and your patient about the effect of treatment
  • Activate the feedback function to encourage a change in voice behavior, and see in the graph when feedback was given
  • Your patient can put on and remove the instrument safely on their own, with simple instructions